To our friends and community,

To Our Friends and Community,

We stand in solidarity with those protesting injustice, inequity and racism. Through their actions we have been inspired to stop, listen and learn.

Injustice, inequality and racism are wrong and they are not someone else’s problem, they are our problem, and we must all ask ourselves what we can do to help create a more just world for everyone.

As a business and as individuals we must find ways to be part of the solution, no longer bystanders or worse, by our silence, inadvertent participants to furthering injustices. We must come together as a community to fight for what is right and to live up to the ideals we set for ourselves and for our nation. We are stronger together and our strength as a community is in our diversity. Together we can bring about peaceful change.

As a small gesture of our support we, like many others, are pledging 10% of sales during this period to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and their mission to achieve racial justice, equality, and an inclusive society. But that is not enough so we pledge to continue to listen and learn, and to use our voice to help work towards equal justice for all and to improve ourselves, our company, our industry, and our community as best we can.