DIY Masks

DIY Face Masks

To help do our part during this pandemic, Nicole Miller is donating 20,000 surgical masks to healthcare and medical professionals in NYC and Philadelphia.

The CDC is recommending that all Americans wear non-medical masks as a precaution when leaving the home. Here is how you can make your own mask at home so if you do have to go out, you’re protecting yourself and others.

Here’s what you’ll need:
-Tightly woven 100% cotton solid or printed fabric
-Elastic cord
-Twist wire ties or pipe cleaner
-Needle and thread or sewing machine

1. Make a 7½ x 5¾ inch pattern. The top edge goes on the fold.
2. Fold your fabric in half. Lining up the fold line with your pattern.
3. Cut your fabric!
4. Make a ¼ inch hem on the shorter edges.
5. Fold in half with the print side/right side inside. Sew up the side seams ¼ inch.
6. Turn back the right side out.
7. Take your 5” to 6” twist wire or pipe cleaner and push it up to the fold.
8. Stitch close to the wire so it is snug in the casing.
9. Fold three pleats ¾ inch deep and ¼ inch apart upward or downward as you prefer and stitch them down.
10. Cut two elastics 6 inches in length and sew in at corners

As always - stay safe, stay strong, and wash your hands!